I am too much or something wrong?

if you love someone that you almost give your time its too much?…..

if you send messages all week its too much?….

could be the distance could obstruct your relationship and might your partner will find someone?….

is he using you for to be partner in another country?…..

just a karma?….

your not so smart on him?….

maybe your too much fantasies telling anyone you known that you wil be get married soon?…..

this questions I would like to ask and why he could not answer it and I respect him maybe I am just a trash but I don’t want to be….

I will fight for my own rights to be loved and loved by him…….

and be my partner forever……

why this things happening to me…..

juts hurt like a nail and a torn grown in your heart even you could not breath

distance its not a obstruction to me in a relationship there is a saying say absence makes the heart grow fonder, if it is true why he could not do it I know he was missing someone there and could find someone that he could hold on were same but I never ever replace him in my heart since the past 3 years, I am hoping that someday I could get there and take his heart that belongs and earn for years its sound like demanding but its true I hope someday we will passed this obstacle in life were facing on….


Hi welcome to my BLOGGER and I want to share what I discover and learned in life………………

hi guys I am new here well I just sign up here to meet friends and also share what I learn in life and I want to learn from you guys that want to share some ideas in life in any way like tech, music, showbiz, religion, lifestyle, adventures and travels “this is what I like to share”, love life “sweet or sour one that will be accepted as I said anything,…..”, etc…….Winking smile

‘thank you for reading



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